Sunday, December 26, 2010

Creating your "Challenge Blog"

Creating your “Challenge Blog”
1.       Go to
2.       Create an account. If you already have a gmail account, you can use this to get set up.
3.       Edit your display name.
4.       Accept the terms and continue.
5.       Click “Create your blog now.”
6.       Create a blog title. Ex: Amanda’s Full-Voice 30 Day Challenge
7.       Select a blog address URL and continue. Ex:
8.       Choose a template and continue.
9.       You can either begin posting or continue edits your blog’s look.
10.   Once you have your blog set up, click on “new post” in the top right hand corner.
11.   Edit the title of the post. Ex: Day 1
12.   Copy and paste and fill in the template (see below) to your blog. Add in any pictures related to the post. Delete any portion that does not relate to that day. You are welcome to elaborate upon this template. J
13.   Once you have completed your post, you can preview the post at the bottom before publishing.
14.   Publish your post.
15.   At the bottom of your published post, click the link to share your post to your Facebook profile. You should share your post to Facebook after you complete each blog post.


Daily Practice
Songs worked on:

Private Lessons and Coaching Sessions
Songs worked on:

Live Performance
What you enjoyed most:
*Keep your program from this event* You are welcome to post a video clip of this event.

My Live Performance
VIDEO clip from your performance
Song(s) performed:

New Song
Insert VIDEO directly onto blog or a LINK to video (via Youtube or Facebook)

Healthy Meals
PICTURE and any information related (ex: restaurant you went to, local farmers market, etc.)

Type of class:

Good Deeds
Describe the deed and include a PICTURE or VIDEO if possible.

Day 1

Daily Practice
Minutes: 30
Songs worked on: "Life of the Party" from Wild Party; "Mister Snow" from Carousel

Healthy Meals
Description: Granola, kiwi and strawberries.

Type of class: Musical Theatre
Instructor: Jim Cooney